Friday, February 26, 2010

Pigeon Bird Control Devices

Pigeon pest birds are one of the pest which is very hazardous to humans. Problem birds can carry different kinds of diseases which can transmit to people that cause illness and death. Medical authorities have proven 60 types of diseases. Some of these are fatal to people that is why many experts in controlling pesky birds offers different kind of methods in controlling these problem birds. Here are some pigeon bird control products and devices that can use in preventing pigeon bird pest.

Bird Netting

Netting is one of the most popular methods in controlling pigeon birds. This is the one of the most effective and durable in preventing pest birds like pigeons from landing on buildings and roofs buildings. There are many groups and experts who can do and climb out and install the said devices. Different bird control companies have expert climbers that make possible the place which is not accessible in a regular person and inaccessible places. In thid kind of system or pigeon bird control method, it provides protection in bridges, arcades, patios, roofs, eaves, gas stations, gardens, balconies, vineyards, announcements, windows, edges and faces full of buildings from the top to the floor.

Bird Control Spikes

In bird control spikes, this method is a system created to prevent the bird pigeons from perching on ledges, window frames, pipes, light poles, statues etc. .., in general for any outstanding place buildings and structures where the birds can perch to rest, sight feeding areas or even nest. Bird control spikes are made of stainless still spikes and plastic rigid on base. This device provides uncomfortable landing for the pest birds.

Ultrasonic Bird Control Device

Ultrasonic pigeon bird control device provides waves that bird pest can only hear and can irritate pest birds and emit audible sounds and are ideal for open environments they cover large areas that reach the 12 hectares. These products of controlling pest pigeon birds reproduce and attack agonizing cries of birds, along with other artificial sounds in order to scare birds from orchards, farm fields, construction, silos, Airports and other sites where birds constitute a nuisance.

Visual Bird Control Scarer

In certain circumstances, may be useful methods of distraction and disorientation as reflective material, glorbors and silhouettes of predators. They have the advantage that they can purchase and install easily, but only are effective in unprotected areas or in addition to mobile or audio. In pigeon bird control no single method is suitable for all cases. It depends on individual situations, the species to control or to exterminate, the number of individuals and their link to the place we want to protect. Therefore, before choosing any of the bird control methods or products available, it is advisable to consult an pigeon bird control expert or bird control exterminator to tell us what might be effective in each case, in order to use our time and money on those who actually have a chance of success. Another method in pigeon bird control are ultrasonic repellent or spraying with chemical repellents. These methods of controlling pest birds are very effective in confined spaces (attics, false ceilings, etc.).. Depending on the size of the rooms or spaces shall be the method to use.